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RYZEN issues / Flickering Shadows / textures / black screens

Hopefully this can help someone.

New PC build. Logged into server to test keybinds etc and had some terrible graphics issues. Flickering screen.

This turned out to be Shadows.

FIX: remove any CPU pre-launch settings.


I had "Enable HT" activated - switch this off and this immediately solved the issue

Second issue was when I pushed out the view distance I had black screen issue... like the GPU was crashing or something. Move the mouse down to state at feet and the screen comes back.

chased it down to an issue with G-SYNC - turned this off and it seems to fix it, but that also seemed to lose me loads of FPS !?

Found a setting in this file: %documents%\Arma 3\Arma3.cfg

Referencing FPS at 60.


I changed this to:


and problem has gone away - regardless of the G-Sync setting. Must be something conflicting with monitor resolution etc...

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