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Issue with TFR

I hopped in to the TvT op the other week, having not been on in months, only to find all of my mic broadcasts were static-y and robotic. I though it might have been an issue with my mic, but from various bits of testing I found everything sounded fine on my end. I just tried to hop on the public and with a little bit of messing around I've found the problem only occurs when the TFR plugin is active in teamspeak. Using the mic test within teamspeak my sound is fine with TFR disabled, but as soon as the plugin is active and I've joined the server I end up sounding like Boushh from Return of the Jedi. I'm running TS .16 and TFR .9.2 which seems to be what most people on the teamspeak are running, so I'm guessing thats not the issue. Any insight from the more technically knowledgeable would be most helpful.

Edit: Disregard. I did some trawling throught the TFAR thread on Bohemias forums and there's an alternate plugin fixes the issue. It's available here, in case anyone else encounters the same issue!

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