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How To: install ACE + ACRE for ArmA 2

A.C.E + A.C.R.E For ArmA
1: Download SixUpdater installer:

2: Launch SixUpdater (ensure you're NOT launching SixLauncher instead). On the left side of the window you should see a list of presets (e.g. A2 OA - A.C.E.). Right click in the white space below and select "New Preset". Right click on this new preset and rename it "ACE+ACRE".

3: You should see a list of tabs in SixUpdater (Homepage, Server Browser, Mods, Apps, Custom Repo). Select the "Mods" tab. Under the "Clear Filter" button there should be an empty text field. Click on this text field.

4: In the text field type in "@CBA" (without the quotation marks). You should now see a small list of mods. Drag and drop @CBA into your ACE+ACRE preset we created earlier. This should also add @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA.

5: Repeat this adding process for the following mods:


6: Once you have added all of the above mods to your "ACE+ACRE" preset, click on the drop down menu below the large green button (top left of SixUpdater window). From this drop down menu, select "Install or Update Mods, and Process BIKeys".

7: Accept any agreement windows that come up. Allow SixUpdater to download and install all of the mods, this may take a while.

8: Once all of the mods have downloaded and installed successfully, click on the drop down menu again and select "Launch Game".

Teamspeak Plugin
1: Download the ACRE plugin for Teamspeak (once extracted you will only need to open the Teamspeak folder, ignore the other folders):

2: Open the extracted folder. Open the Teamspeak folder. Open the Plugins folder and drag&drop the 32bit/64bit (select one that matches your system) to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Teamspeak 3 Client\plugins\

3: Launch Teamspeak (restart it if you already have it running) and ensure you run it as Administrator. Within TS go to Settings>Plugins and ensure that "ACRE Plugin" is ticked/enabled.

Launching Game
Click on the drop down menu (top left - green icon) and select "Launch Game".

Enjoy :)


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